Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Changing You - See It Happen!

[Cognitive Hypnotherapy Edinburgh]

Changing how you feel about yourself can seem hard, impossible or even improbable at best.  And yet you instinctively know you can do it.  

Your instincts are correct.  The brain's amazing ability to grow new neuronal pathways to change your life is limitless, which is why human beings are so good at learning, changing and adapting.  As a Coach and professional Cognitive Hypnotherapist in Edinburgh, I help clients do exactly what you can see.  

It works because your brain is designed to constantly make and break neural connections as you think new thoughts, make different choices and create new habits; you can literally change your brain’s biology and actually change your life.  And if you can change a little, you can change a lot...

Here is a real-time brain scan showing new neural pathways being made, it’s pretty incredible stuff:

This happens in you every day, to the degree that you encourage it. 

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Acknowledgement: As I understand it, this video is from the wonderful work of Dr. Joe Dispenza.